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There is no one "Coahuiltecian" tribe or culture. It never existed. There is a Coahuiltecan region in South Texas and northeastern Mexico.

Meaning of thename:

They were hunter- gatherers, the name was derived from that of the Mexican state of Coahuila, the tribes extended over the eastern part of that province as well as portion of texas.Location

The Coahuiltecian cultures lived all over South Texas. They were found from San Antonio, over to Corpus Christi, south to Old Mexico. The Coahuiltecans were nomadic hunter gathers. This meansthey moved around all the time looking for food.

Leadership structure

Coahuiltecan cultures were not tribes at all. Most of people we are calling Coahuiltecans were organized intohundreds of small bands or groups.


The post holocaust Coahuiltecans wore little clothing if any. Often they simply went naked. They did make sandals from the fibers of the lechugillaplant You would think they would have made pants of some sort to protect their legs with all the cactus and shrubs with thorns that are common in this area. But they did not. The women would always wearshort skirts made of animal skins. The men wore breach cloths sometimes. The children went naked. The pre-contact people probably had buffalo robes to wear in the colder weather during the colderwinters back then.

Shelter homes

The Coahuiltecans were nomadic hunter gathers. This means they moved around all the time looking for food. When they did camp one place for more than a day ortwo they might build simple windbreaks or lean-toos of brush and tree limbs

1. Food
They are hunting bugs and lizards for food. They are seen eating rotten meat, dirt and even maggots. They aredirty and smell.


Their enemies were Spanish expeditions and the Apache and Comanche whose came down from the north. The Lipan Apache were forced south into Coahuiltecan lands and...
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