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The Coca Cola Company


This report is to investigate Coca Cola Company. On this coursework I
will look at the company on all aspects from their business functions,
organisational structures to the company's objectives. I would have to
look at the departments within the business and the functional areas
within these departments, also look at the different managementstyles
within the business, looking at the organisational structure, the
communication used within the business, and the impact of ICT on the
organisations communications.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer
and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.
Along with Coca Cola, the world's best known brand, The Coca Cola
Companymarkets four of the world's top-five soft drink brands,
including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. Throughout the world, no other
brand is an immediately recognizable as Coca Cola. With operations in
more than 200 countries, a diverse workforce comprised of more than
200 different nationalities, communicating in more than 100 different
languages, The Coca Cola Company is part of the fabric of lifein each
of the communities they serve throughout the world. It operates as a
local business partner, providing quality in the marketplace,
enhancing the workplace, preserving the environment and strengthening
the community.

Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in
history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Coca-Cola was
invented in May 1886 byDr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The
name 'Coca-Cola' was suggested by Dr. Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank
Robinson. He kept the name Coca-Cola in the flowing script that is
famous today. Coca-Cola was first sold at a soda fountain by mixing
Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated soda in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta by
Willis Venable. During the first year, sales of Coca-Cola averagednine drinks a day, adding up to total sales for that year of $50.
Since the year's expenses were just over $70, Dr. Pemberton took a
loss. Today, products of The Coca-Cola Company are consumed at the
rate of more than one billion drinks per day.

In 1893, Coca Cola was registered in the United States and then
further investment was put into it to expand the business. To handle
theenormous capacity of its business, the Coca Cola Company has
divided up into six operating units: Middle and Far East Groups,
Europe, The Latin America Group, The North America, The Africa Group
and The Minute Maid Company. The Head Quarters is situated in the
United States. The country that I'm going to be concentrating on is
the United Kingdom and how the company works in the U.K.Date


Source of Information

Task Completed


research - annual reports, company reports, staff induction pack,
mission statement

Company website

Find past articles on chosen company


Finding organisational structure of business.

Phone/write to company or check website

Investigate the functional areas and themanagement style of the

Look in annual report or company website

Action Plan

I drew up this action plan as a guide to prioritise what information I
need to complete this report. The method of research I will use the
most on this report will be secondary research such as the annual
reports, etc.

Coca Cola's Ownership

The Coca Cola Company is apublic limited company (plc). They offer
shares to the general public through the company. It is mainly larger
companies such as Coca Cola that are public limited companies.

The advantages of a public limited company are:

* Shareholders have limited liability

* The sale of shares enables larger sums of money to be raised

* While the company has this money permanently, the...
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