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THE ‘coca-cola’ brand & sponsorship
If ‘Coca-Cola’ were the name of a person, how would you describe that person? How does that person make you feel? Consumers often prefer products that have a strong, positive image. An important ingredient of this image will be the associations that are evoked in the mind of the consumer.The ‘brand personality’ is what people think and feel,consciously and subconsciously, about a company identity or product and is described the same way as you would a person. It is necessary to create the right image i.e. one that closely matches consumers’ feelings and expectations of what the product should be like. Marketing managers try to build on associations between products and other aspects of life. Sponsorship is one way of building these brandassociations. Sponsorship involves providing financial support, creative input, media support, and experience to an important event or activity organised by another party. In return, the company receives a public opportunity to be seen to support and be associated with an event, activity or person. Sponsorship is a crucial part of a public relations strategy because it is possible to reach atarget audience with a specific message.

Business 2000
Fifth edition

‘Coca-Cola’ Sports Sponsorship
‘Coca-Cola’ is one of the top global sponsors of sport.The rationale for sponsoring international and local sporting events is that it is "a natural fit". By matching the brand with world standard events ‘Coca-Cola’ benefits from the exposure and the associations made between it and the eventbeing sponsored. Equally by ensuring that local events are sponsored the brand is exposed exclusively to a local market and will thus be seen as a local brand. By devising innovative and tailored marketing programmes based on local consumer insights, sales can be increased in the ready-to-drink nonalcoholic beverage market. Local offices around the world ensure that the company participates andsupports local communities. ‘Coca-Cola’ is aware of what is relevant in the lives of its target market such as sport, music and fashion. Life experiences are created around these interests. By getting involved in these daily experiences ‘Coca-Cola’ meets its sponsorship objectives

By capturing the pace and vitality of the ‘Coca-Cola’ brand and by referring to the refreshing nature of the drink, astrong message is sent to the consumer about how the product is being positioned in the market place. Attributes of the product suitable to sports sponsorship are highlighted. By positioning ‘Coca-Cola’ as an icon and leading brand that mentally and physically boosts consumers, associations with major sporting events are reinforced.

Brand Positioning
‘Coca-Cola’s’ brand personalityreflects the positioning of its brand.The process of positioning a brand or product is a complex managerial task and must be done over time using all the elements of the marketing mix. Positioning is in the mind of the consumer and can be described as how the product is considered by that consumer.When researching the positioning of a product, consumers are often asked how they would describe thatproduct if it were a person. The purpose of this is to develop a character statement. This can ensure that consumers have a clear view of the brand values that make up the brand personality, just like the values and beliefs that make up a person. Many people see ‘Coca-Cola’ as a part of their daily life. This affinity between the brand and the consumer leads to a high degree of loyalty and makesthe purchasing decision easier. Brand positioning guides ‘what’ will be communicated in the company’s advertising, while the character statement guides ‘how’ a message should be delivered or put across.

Make the public aware of the existence of the firm and maintain the good name and image of ‘Coca-Cola’ by issuing press releases, organising news conferences and informing the public about the...
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