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The Enchanted Doll


Stephen Amony: he is a Doctor and worked in London.
Mary Nolan: she was a poor girl, with thin body and twisted leg. She had a hopelessness feeling. She had 15years old.
Rose Callamit: she was 50 years old, she was tall and had red hair, and she was a nasty women.
Jim Carter: owner shop.
Stephen niece`s.

The setting its in past tense andtook place in London.

When doctor woke up one day, early morning the sun was shining on the river.
Brightly colors flowers.
The next weeks, it was cold and wet.
Sun shineon the dusty Street.


1. Doctor Stephen Amony arrived at the shop to buy the TIMES, he remembered her nice´s birthday. In the same shop he found a interesting doll made by hand, and handpainted by an artist. He asked about the person who made the doll the owner shop said to him that the artist was Rose Callamit.
2. Rose Callamit called the doctor Amony to know if he could attended asituation.
Amony arrived and met Mary Nolan the girl who had a twisted leg and Rose Callamit was the person who took care of her.
3. The Doctor started to know more abour Mary during the nextweeks, like the way thah her parents died, and what horribles thinks Rose did and said to her all the time, for example Rose forced Mary to made the dalls all days.
4. After a very quickly recovered,Rose called doctor Amony to said him that Mary did not need any more the service.
5. The doctor started to had bad dreams all the time he was in love with Mary Nolan.
6. Doctor ran to the house whereMary lived and took her far away from Rose Callamit.
7. He is married with Mary now.

In conclusion, it is a story that I consider very complementary to our remedial English course 5because it teaches us new words as well as makes us thinking English. Also the moral teaching that shows us in real life what tends to happen very often, is to influence in various ways with values,...
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