Codigo penal (english)

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Edgar Eduardo Flores Ochoa.
3ro de Secundaria.
No. 3

Article 29. - The letters individuals cannot be published without the consent of both correspondents or of theirheirs, to exception a case is the necessary publication for the evidence or defense of any right or when it requires the public interest or the advance of the science.

I think that is good becausethose are private documents and you are risk to be sued for open documents that are not yours, are privates and confidential and can’t be publish or give to know to nobody without permission of theauthor and it is of him to decide what to do with the documents because he or she has the rights of author.

Article 501.-when the father or the mother recognize separately a child, the may notreveal in the act of the recognition the name of the person with who has been, or expose any circumstance about where that can be identified. The words that disclosure will be tested by an office, so theyare absolutely unreadable.
They recognize a person like their own son, and thant son can be of another person because they cant say that a fundament exists. When the child grow up could be hurtby listening that his parents are someone else, when recognize a son cant say it in public, its confidential to prove their parenthood.
The child recognized that doesmt know his parents, has theright to know, the letters of recognition are after born and there are terms to recognize or not a child, it takes time and take another letter with the parents and witnesses

Article 552.-The adoptionfor the foreigners is promoved for the citizen of other country, with residence permanent in the national territory, and will be govern for ready in this section.

Also the foreigners has theright to adopt, the orphan child has more possibilities with people that want to adopt talks about the foreigners resident in mexico, its not necessary to be mexican to adopt a child and take...
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