Cognitive studies

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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According to Woolfolk, humans have been looking into where knowledge comes from since premature studies by Greek philosophers. Cognitive studies were not in trend until the late eighteen hundreds tothe late twentieth century. Behaviorism has developed into a well-liked concept of learning. Looking into the fact that humans perform more than merely acting in response to reinforcement andpunishment; proof has shown that learning also involves active mental processing.“The cognitive views sees learning as extending and transforming the understanding we already have, not simply writingassociations on the blank slates of our brains” (p. 234). The cognitive view of learning points out that we process information in our brains and this concept shows that our mental processing can be studiedand calculated.
When comparing behavioral views and cognitive views, we find many differences. For example, behavioral views are performances embraced without thinking in other words unconsciouslydeveloping a behavior. If we have reinforcements, it will help support the responses. In the other hand cognitive views is information we acquire and learn. This information persuades us to amend ourbehavior. For example in my placement, the first grade teacher gives a price to the most well behaved student of the week. The prizes encourage all the students to act in a good manner in order toreceive a reward. In contrast, of behavioral views we learn that cognitive views find that learning is a process that is active, which forces people to reinterpret his or her understandings in order toreceive new information.
Woolfolk points out that there are several types of knowledge, which are general, specific, declarative, procedural, and conditional. We also see that even though all thesetypes of knowledge have been known of, not all have been important to educators. For a while, teaching to the test has been a priority. Through the discussions in class, we understood that teaching to...
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