Cold equations

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The Cold Equations, by Tom Godwin, is about this EDS pilot at space and the decisions he needs to take and how he needs to deal with the stowaway. Barton made the right decision because it is betterto have 1 person dead than 6, Barton also had to follow the law because his job depended on it, and he needed to jettison the stowaway because the ship was running out of fuel.
Barton was totallyright by doing that because it´s better to save 6 people´s lives instead of 1. “The Fever is invariable fatal unless the serum can be had in time, and the six men in Group 1 will die unless this shipreaches them on schedule” (Godwin pg.8).This was a serious interstellar situation. People´s lives were at risk. The ship had a limited amount of weight and it had overweight because of the “stowaway”so he had to jettison her or not get to his destination and kill 6 other people. “Yes” I can go alone or I can take 7 others with me.” Marilyn understands that if she is not jettisoned, she isrisking other people´s lives. If Barton let Marilyn stay in the ship, he is scarifying his life and 7 others for someone he doesn´t even know. Saving 6 people´s life is better than saving 1. Barton wastotally right by jettisoning the stowaway.
Barton had to make a decision. His job depended on whether or not he took the right decision. “It was the law, and there could be no appeal. It was a law notof men´s choosing but made the imperative by the circumstances of space frontiers.” (Godwin pg.1). Here you can see how serious the situation was, and that his job depended in the decision he took,but what was depending in his decision was not only his job, but his life also depended on it. It wasn’t if he wanted to do it or not, it was obligatory because it was a law of space and EDS. “…youalso know the laws as well as I do: any stowaway discovered in an EDS shall be jettisoned immediately following discovery”. (Godwin pg.6). It was clear, any stowaway shall be jettisoned. It didn’t...
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