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ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial

An intense guide to creating professional ColdFusion web applications: get up to speed in ColdFusion and learn how to integrate with other web 2.0 technologies

John Farrar


ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial
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First published: June 2008

Production Reference: 1230608

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd. 32 Lincoln Road Olton Birmingham, B27 6PA, UK. ISBN 978-1-847194-12-1

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About the Author
John Farrar started working with computer programming around 1977. He has
had theopportunity to work on projects used by Apple, Blue Cross, Brunswick Recreation, Casio, GVSU, Johnson Controls, Sprint, and many others. This history covers over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. He started doing web development over ten years ago. In the early days of the Web, ColdFusion stood out to him not just as a way to make web pages into web applications but as a maturingsolid platform good for the developer, site owner, and end users. He started at version 4.5 and has been enjoying every version upgrade more and more. John owns a company called SOSensible. His company does work for large companies but has a special focus on also making sure technology is approachable beyond the enterprise. It has developed a number of Open Source solutions including COOP. COOP is amix of "Custom Tags" and "CFCs" that provides structure while keeping development simpler. It demonstrates his love for the things that make ColdFusion/CFML a delightful language to build websites. COOP is a pet project of his that can allow upgrades of AJAX libraries and add in features as the libraries grow. He has spoken at national and regional conferences, online meetings, and area user groupmeetings. He is also an Adobe User Group manager. John knows that community is a viable and productive tool to build developers and the companies they serve. He has learned much from great resources in the community including bloggers, books, conferences, and resources to great in number to mention here. He blogs them at and encourages others to joinin and build the community with him. Contact: Alternative Email:

Thanks to Douglas Paterson, and the many staff members of Packt Publishing for helping me through my first published book. The guides and interaction were a great experience that helped me in numerous ways. There were a couple of community editors who helped review technical...
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