College challengues

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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College Challenges

Many students find the first year of college extremely challenging. First,the transition from High School to college can be difficult.
High school students attendclass seven hours a day, doing most of their work in school . Their teachers closely monitor their attendance and remind them of missing assignments .In college , students attend class a fewhours a week . they are expected to complete most of the work on their own . Instructors often do not take attendance or chase after students for late work . They hand out a syllabus andexpect students to turn in their assignments on time .
Students have to develop the discipline to work independly . In adition , they have to learn to schedule their time and avoid temptations. Balancing studying , jobs , and family responsabilties takes careful planning .
Too often , students can let their social lives crowd out time for study . It takes a lot of disciplineto turn down invitations from friends to go shopping or see a movie in order to study. Friends who are not in school may not appreciate how much homework a college student faces . Becausesome assignments may not due for several weeks , it can be easy for students to pronosticate , putting off working on a research paper or studying for an exam until the last minute.
Studentscan also face financial pressures that add stress to their lives and force them to make painful choices. In addition to tuition , which is rising all the time , students have to pay forbooks , lab equipment , and parking fees. These costs can force students to go deeply into debt or exhaust themselves by working overtime . Because so much of their income is absorbed bycollege expenses , they may be unable to afford car repairs or health insurance . For all these reasons most people look back on their college careers and agree that first year is the thoughest.
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