College presures

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William Zinsser in his article "College Pressures," explains a wish that college’s students savour each segment of their education as an experience in itself. Zinsser describesproblems faced by students at an elite private college in the late 1970s. I think that now the pressures are different from the ones Zinsser identifies. The pressures are actually different andpersonally I see positively this pressures to strengthen our future. Students have many pressures to deal. Pressures they deal with that occur at all times. This problem is a major issue to studentseverywhere in this world. This is necessary pressure that is shaping your future. These pressures can occur in any level of their educational career and are pressures that occur from sun up to sun down. Wemust be positive with these pressures so that later we can fight against them. Zinsser said that there are four main kinds of pressures that the student faced and they are economic pressure, parentalpressure, peer pressure and self-induced pressure. (Page 2, par. 9) All of these pressures effect negatively in the students college life and I am going to explain my personal point of view about thesesfour main kinds of pressures. On the first hand, the parental pressure is always present on college students and most students are having their college tuition by their parents. We [students] cannotcomplain about this content. Most we are fortunate that our parents pay our studies and it is logical to suffer a strain on economic issues very reasonable, since it is not our money and should not bewasted. On the second hand, the parental pressure as Zinsser says “Along with economic pressure goes parental pressure. Inevitably, the two are deeply intertwined (page. 3, par 2) ” is similar to theeconomic issue. We must rejoice that is a positive benefit. Many times there is a higher pressure by parents and sometimes these make us uncomfortable. But we must be respectful and see that they...
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