College students require help from the government

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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In today’s competitive world that most employers require a bachelor’s degree to hire an applicant, there is a high demand for college education, but with the inflation of college costs increasing byfour to six percent annually students and parents are struggling to cover this expense. Even though the reasons why college’s tuition increases every year are valid, the government should take actionson controlling the rising cost of tuitions to help reduce the rate of students dropping out of school.
The fact that more and more students are attempting to get a college degree allows colleges tobe aggressive on how they price their tuitions, the truth is that college costs are increasing faster than most of the other areas of life, statistics show that tuition costs have risen faster thanhealth insurance, consumer prices and even personal income. The cost of improving campus, along with faculty salaries, alumni support centers, updating technology and maintaining high ranking amongother institutions causes tuition to rise, although students benefit from all these expenditures, what is the sense if many cannot afford to cover their tuition cost.
Many students receiving Pell Grantrely on different financial aid sources, such as other grants and loans to cover college costs. Low income students may either have to work very long hours, get expensive private loans or high interestcredit cards to cover the entire cost of tuition, books, transportation and living expenses. Changes on the Federal policy is needed to strengthen America’s Investment financial aid, and by this helpstudents with low income backgrounds overcome their financial barriers and complete college education.
Some significant steps the government could take to help students are not limited to justreduce interest rates on student loans, since this does not ensure controlled college tuition costs. The government could set up a price cap for increasing tuition for public institutions and private as...
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