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Practice 8: Collisions

“Big intelligences discuss the idea; medium intelligences,
the happenings, and the small ones, the people”
* Objective:
To prove experimentally the lawof conservation of the quantity of movement in inelastic crashes.
* Theoretical Analysis
Isaac Newton defined the product of mass times velocity (mv) of an object as the amount of movement (p).The total amount of movement in a system is the vectorial addition of the quantities of movement of everyone of the bodies that conforms the system. Collisions between bodies can be elastic andinelastic. A crash is elastic when the kinetic energy is conserved and inelastic when not. In both cases the quantity of movement before the crash is equal to the quantity of the movement after it.Experimentally it is observed that when crashes occur between bodies, the total amount of movement does not vary, which constitutes the principle of conservation of the quantity of movement and it is aninvariable rule in nature.
* Material
* 1 lineal system
* 1 air bomb
* 1 spark generator
* 2 sliders, one with electrode spark
* 1 ruler
* 1 elastic rub
* 1 register paper* 1 metric ruler
* Masking tape
* Thread

* Procedure
1. Install the equipment and check if it works correctly
2. Place the string of paper in the spark ruler and plug thespark generator to the flotation system.
3. Place over the guide of the flotation system a slider (of known mass) with the spark electrode, adjusting with your hands one of its tips to a distanceof 0.5 cm approximately from the string of paper and the other to the wire that is along the rail.
4. With a pencil, hold the slider.
5. Turn on the air bomb and the spark generator. Select thefrequency of sparking
6. Prepare the slider and press the button of the spark generator, to take the second point as movement reference
7. Put aside the pencil and let the slider go,...
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