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NOTE: Before you begin these activities, be sure you understand how to use the resources in Check My Words (especially the ‘Word Combinations’ button, Word Neighbors and JustTheWord).

Task 1: Test your Collocation IQ
Tick the correct ‘collocations’ (word combinations). Some of these are common errors:

|list out points | |drop down notes| |take a chance |
|easy money | |drop by a place | |take the trouble |
|heavy handed | |run the risk | |play computer |
|high chance | |make harm to| |conflicts arise |
|food for thought | |make business with | |tackle a problem |

Task 2: Finding the Right Collocations
Use CMWs to find the appropriate words and word forms (e.g. tense) for the blanks (make a note of which resource you use). In some cases, there may bemore than one possible answer. Decide in each sentence what ‘target word’ to highlight:

1. The police must _____________ (verb) every effort to combat crime.
2. The government _____________ (verb) a ‘Clean HK Campaign’ some years ago.
3. Cinderella had to leave when the clock _____________ (verb) twelve.
4. He looked up and caught _____________ (noun) of a shooting star.
5. You have to see it_____________ (preposition) the client’s perspective.
6. The government would like to ________ (verb) an end to people abusing the welfare system.
7. Some textbooks are badly written and don’t _________ (verb) any sense.
8. Saddam Hussein was __________ (verb) to death after he was convicted of mass murder.
9. He is an ______ (adjective) admirer of your work.
10. This new process is a______ (adjective) advance in technology.

Task 3: Making Your Writing more Interesting
Use CMWs to supply the most appropriate missing word(s) in each sentence. More than one answer may be acceptable.

1. They found that they had to strike a _____________ (adjective) balance in this matter.
2. There is _____________ (adjective) evidence that global temperature is on the rise.
3. One sectorshowed _____________ (adjective) growth – about 80%; another sector showed only _____________ (adjective) growth – about 35%.
4. He _____________ (adverb) remembered the event, but could not recall the details.
5. He _____________ (adverb) denied having committed any offence.
6. The new device will _____________ (adverb) enhance the quality of images.
7. Not wanting to _____________ (verb)attention, they sat down quietly.
8. The Olympics will certainly be given wide media _____________(noun).
9. Pay closer attention _____________ (preposition) details when you prepare your report.
10. In the experiment, patients _____________ (verb) different kinds of treatment.
11. I have a ___________ grasp of the situation.

Task 4: Common Adjective-Noun Collocations
Use CMWs to find at leasttwo adjectives that collocate (combine) strongly with each of the following nouns and that form a combination that is new to you.

1. _____________ / _____________ point
2. _____________ / _____________ interest
3. _____________ / _____________ step
4. _____________ / _____________ conclusion
5. _____________ / _____________ solution

Now, write five original sentencesthat are relevant to your life as a student with these new combinations.

1. ____________________________________________________________


2. ____________________________________________________________


3. ____________________________________________________________


4. ____________________________________________________________...
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