Colombia security

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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According to a 1991 intelligence report from U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials in Colombia which was broadcast on the National Security Archive’s website, the Colombian’s presidentAlvaro Uribe Velez, before he was president, was an ally of Pablo Escobar who was a Medellín cartel’s accomplice.
When Joseph Contreras a reporter of the Newsweek asked to the candidate Uribe about hislinks with Escobar and the Drug trafficking he reacted in a violent way blaming the journalist of dishonoring his prestige.
This report dated 23 September 1991 was made public by DIA in May 2004 andcontains a huge list of the more important Colombian narco-traffickers contracted by Colombian narcotic cartels.
The fount of this document was withdrawn by DIA examiners but this list is part of agroup of photographs given by Colombian or U.S. counternarcotics personnel and some of this information was corroborated "via interfaces"
The president Uribe, who now is a collaborator of the UnitedStates against drug trafficking was associated with the trade of drugs in the United States and with the cartel of Medellin directed by Pablo Escobar and as senator he helped him in hisparliamentary campaign and was in opposition to the extradition.
Michael Evans, director of the Archive's Colombia Documentation Project, said that since the sources of the report weren't certified, theycannot assure if DIA gave veracity to this information but he said too that is proper to state that for the intelligence officials is essential to analyze this serious information.
According to astatement, the Colombian government irritated by the accusations that was done to the Colombian president in the document, defended him clarifying he hadn't illicit business abroad, his father was murderedby the FARC in a try of kidnapping and as for the extradition he only wanted to postpone the referendum to avoid the influence of the drug-traffickers in the vote, but this communiqué did not refute...
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