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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Colombia Policy

One aspect that has characterized Colombia throughout its history has been bipartisanship, being one of the few Latin American countries where the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, survived as clusters hegemonic until the twentieth century and being together with Honduras (in If the Liberals) have dominance in the XXI century, from access to the independentchairmanship of the two major parties. Colombian history has also been characterized by political radicalism which has led to many internal armed conflicts, civil wars, which even led to the separation of Panama. During the early twentieth century after the end of the Thousand Days War, the communist ideals gained momentum and settled in the radical wing of the Liberal party and ultimately led to thecreation of the Colombian Communist Party and other parties. However, this and other leftist parties were always a minority. More recently, social democracy be achieved as a second option of the Alternative Democratic Pole Uribe emerges on the right, especially with the Party of the U which has become the largest party in the country.

Colombian culture

A great diversity of cultures living in ourterritory before the Spanish arrived, some so advanced and sophisticated as those that produced the statues of San Agustin in Huila, the tombs of Tierradentro in Cauca, or the Lost City (Buritaca 2000) in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Religion in Colombia

Although Colombia's 1991 constitution guarantees freedom of worship and equality of all faiths before the law and does not representany official religion, the predominant religion in Colombia is the primary confession Christianity and Catholicism is the majority (Latin Rite), is An estimated 93% of the population is declared or is registered as Catholics, but within the same population can have indifferent religious groups. These figures take into account the percentage of baptized Catholics, who do not necessarily reflectthe number of believers.

The evangelical church with more members is the United Pentecostal Church of Colombia, with more than 3,000 congregations and presence in all departments. Another part of the population belong to religions such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists, Mormons, Unitarian Universalists. Also there are small representations of the other great monotheistic religions: Muslims andJews, as well as sects and groups of Buddhist and Taoist origin.

Cuisine of Colombia

Although there is no consensus on a single dish that represents the entire Colombian cuisine, the arepa stand and stew as the most representative. Other regional dishes featured are the bandeja paisa, chili Bogota, Tolima and suckling pig nicknamed coastal cheese, among others.
The main elements of theColombian diet are root vegetables, particularly potatoes, cassava and yams, meats such as beef, chicken, pork, fish and other forest animals (wild) by region, cereals, mainly maize and rice, vegetables like onion, garlic, peppers and tomatoes, fruits such as bananas or banana, watermelon or watermelon, passion fruit, legumes such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas .

Sport in ColombiaSport in Colombia is an activity of great care for people of all ages. This has allowed South American country that stands out in regional and international sertamenes world-class athletes.
The history of sport in Colombia, however, has been quite difficult, such as Capture the attention to culture and art, due to lack of promotion and policy of maximum continuity.

Colombia Language

Asevery country of South America Colombia is a country whose official language is Castilian officers but not for some indigenous tribes have their own languages. The Spanish language is always easier for tourists to be understood with the inhabitants' of the country.

Colombia Currency

The Colombian peso ($), is issued by the Central Bank. 1 Colombian peso = 100 cents. The...
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