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|Command |Description |
|Broadcast |Sends a message to specified users or to allusers of this server. |
|Dbcache Disable |Disables the database cache when you need exclusive access to a file in it. |
|Dbcache Flush|Closes all databases that are currently open in the database cache. |
|Dbcache Show |Displays the names of the databases currently in the cache.|
|Drop |Closes one or more server sessions. |
|Exit |Stops the server. Thiscommand is identical to Quit. |
|Help |Displays a list of server commands with a brief description, arguments (if any), and the |
||proper syntax for each. |
|Load |Loads and runs a specified server task or program onthe server. |
|Platform |Controls the platform statistics data at the console. |
|Pull |Forcesa one-way replication from the specified server to your server. |
|Push |Forces a one-way replication from your server to specified server.|
|Quit |Stops the server. This command is identical to the Exit server command. |
|Replicate |Forces replication between twoservers (the server where you enter this command and the |
| |server you specify). |
|Restart Port...
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