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Asterisk CLI supports large variety of commands which can be used for testing, configuration and monitoring. In this tutorial we will describe all commands available at the standard Asterisk version 1.4.0. We will divide this tutorial into few sections in order to facilitate the reading.


General CLI commands
! - Execute a shell command
abort halt - Cancel a running haltcdr status - Display the CDR status
feature show - Lists configured features
feature show channels - List status of feature channels
file convert - Convert audio file
group show channels - Display active channels with group(s)
help - Display help list, or specific help on a command
indication add - Add the given indication to the country
indication remove - Remove the given indication fromthe country
indication show - Display a list of all countries/indications
keys init - Initialize RSA key passcodes
keys show - Displays RSA key information
local show channels - List status of local channels
logger mute - Toggle logging output to a console
logger reload - Reopens the log files
logger rotate - Rotates and reopens the log files
logger show channels - List configured logchannels
meetme - Execute a command on a conference or conferee
mixmonitor - Execute a MixMonitor command.
moh reload - Music On Hold
moh show classes - List MOH classes
moh show files - List MOH file-based classes
no debug channel (null)
originate - Originate a call
realtime load - Used to print out RealTime variables.
realtime update - Used to update RealTime variables.
restart gracefully -Restart Asterisk gracefully
restart now - Restart Asterisk immediately
restart when convenient - Restart Asterisk at empty call volume
sla show - Show status of Shared Line Appearances
soft hangup - Request a hangup on a given channel
stop gracefully - Gracefully shut down Asterisk
stop now - Shut down Asterisk immediately
stop when convenient - Shut down Asterisk at empty call volumestun debug - Enable STUN debugging
stun debug off - Disable STUN debugging
udptl debug - Enable UDPTL debugging
udptl debug ip - Enable UDPTL debugging on IP
udptl debug off - Disable UDPTL debugging


AEL commands
ael debug contexts - Enable AEL contexts debug (does nothing)
ael debug macros - Enable AEL macros debug (does nothing)
ael debug read - Enable AEL read debug (does nothing)ael debug tokens - Enable AEL tokens debug (does nothing)
ael nodebug - Disable AEL debug messages
ael reload - Reload AEL configuration


Agents commands
agent logoff - Sets an agent offline
agent show - Show status of agents
agent show online - Show all online agents


AGI commands
agi debug - Enable AGI debugging
agi debug off - Disable AGI debugging
agi dumphtml - Dumps alist of agi commands in html format
agi show- List AGI commands or specific help
dnsmgr reload - Reloads the DNS manager configuration
dnsmgr status - Display the DNS manager status
http show status - Display HTTP server status


Console commands
console active - Sets/displays active console
console answer - Answer an incoming console call
console autoanswer - Sets/displays autoanswerconsole boost - Sets/displays mic boost in dB
console dial - Dial an extension on the console
console flash - Flash a call on the console
console hangup - Hangup a call on the console
console mute - Disable mic input
console send text - Send text to the remote device
console transfer - Transfer a call to a different extension
console unmute - Enable mic input


Core related commandscore clear profile - Clear profiling info
core set debug channel - Enable/disable debugging on a channel
core set debug - Set level of debug chattiness
core set debug off - Turns off debug chattiness
core set global - Set global dialplan variable
core set verbose - Set level of verboseness
core show applications - Shows registered dialplan applications
core show application - Describe a...
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