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Complete AutoCAD Commands
Command | Description | Options |
ABOUT | Displays a dialogue box with AutoCAD version & serial numbers | can be transparent |
APERTURE | Controls the size of the Object Snap "OSNAP") target box -- should set to 7 | can be transparent |
ARC or A | Draws an arc. The default method of drawing arcs is selecting three points (so-called "3 point arc"), which arethe two endpoints of the arc and some other point along its locus. Other methods of drawing an arc can be specified by three letters, such as SEA, which means "Start Point, End Point, and Included Angle." | A Included angle C Center point of arc D Direction angle of a line tangent to the arc E Endpoint of arc L Length of chord passing thru both endpoints of the arc R Radius S Start point ofarc<RET> uses the end of the last line or arc as the start point for the arc |
AREA | Computes the area of any shape by selecting points at the corners of the shape, or by selecting a circle or polyline after typing or picking the "E" option | A sets "Add" mode S sets "Subtract" mode E computes area of selected circle or polyline |
ARRAY | Makes multiple copies of selected objects in arectangular (parallel with the snap rotation) or circular pattern | R rectangular array type P "polar" array type in circular pattern, you must indicate number of items and angle to fill, and whether the objects get rotated with the angle C "circular" array type in a circular pattern, you must indicate angle between items, angle to fill, and whether objects get rotated with the angle |
ATTDEF | Createsan attribute definition entity for textual information to be associated with a block definition | I Controls attribute visibility C Controls Constant/variable mode V Controls verify mode P Controls preset mode |
ATTDISP | Controls the visibility of attribute entities on a global basis | can be transparent ON Makes all attributes visible OFF Makes all attributes invisible N Visibility ofattributes set individually |
ATTEDIT | Permits editing of attributes | |
ATTEXT | Extracts attribute data from drawings | C CDF comma delimited format extract D DXF format extract S SDF format extract E Extracts attributes from selected entities |
AUDIT | Invokes drawing integrity audit | Y Fixes errors encountered N Reports, but does not fix errors encountered |
BASE | Specifies origin ofcurrent drawing for subsequent insertion into another drawing -- is normally set to point 0,0,0 | can be transparent |
BHATCH | Fills an automatically defined boundary with a hatch pattern through the use of dialogue boxes. Also allows previewing and replacing adjustments without starting over each time. | |
BLIPMODE | Controls display of marker blips for point selection | can be transparent ONEnables temporary marker blips OFF Disables temporary marker blips |
BLOCK | Forms a single compound entity from a group of entities within the current drawing | ? Lists names of already-defined blocks in the current drawing |
BPOLY | Creates a closed polyline of a boundary by picking an open area within a area enclosed by lines, arcs or circles. | |
BREAK | Erases part of a line, arc orcircle, or splits it into two lines or arcs | F allows respecification of first point |
CHAMFER | Creates a chamfer (a angled line connection) at the intersection of two lines | D Sets chamfer distances P Chamfers an entire polyline |
CHANGE | A multifunctioning command which can be used to alter the following: 1. location of individual endpoints of lines 2. radius of a circle 3. properties:layer, elevation, thickness, color and linetype of lines, polylines, arcs and circles 4. style, font, size, location, rotation, and wording of text entities | P Changes properties of objects C Color E Elevation LA Layer LT Linetype T Thickness |
CHPROP | Modifies properties of selected objects: layer, thickness, color and linetype -- but not elevation | C Color LA Layer LT Linetype T Thickness |...
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