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The King of Fighters 2003 [moves] - NEO Encyclopedia

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The Unofficial SNK Neo Geo Games Encyclopedia of Moves & Codes

Ash Crimson Duo Lon Shen Woo Terry Bogard Joe Higashi Griffon Ryo Sakazaki Robert Garcia Yuri Sakazaki Kim Kaphwan Chang Koehan Jhun Hoon Leona Ralf Jones Clark Steel Gato Billy Kane Ryuji Yamazaki King MaiShiranui Blue Mary Benimaru Nikaido Shingo Yabuki Goro Daimon Athena Asamiya Hinako Shijou Malin K' Maxima Whip Kyo Kusanagi Iori Yagami

Basic Moves
Weak Punch Strong Punch Dash close when landing Throw Safe Landing Forward Emergency Evade when blocking or Guard Cancel Emergency Evade when blocking * costs 1 level Change while being thrown Weak Kick Strong Kick Backstep Throw Escape Taunt BackwardEmergency Evade Guard Cancel Blow Off * costs 1 level Change Attack * costs 1 level

* Change & Change Attack: switches teammates during battle. With Change your character wil taunt and then leap off screen while the other character will jump in. Using the Change Attack your character perform an attack and then the other character will leap on screen with a jumping attack. Can be used only whenthe "CHANGE OK!" is displayed over your Power Gauge. For 1st Member change to 2nd and change to 3rd For 2nd Member change to 1st and change to 3rd For 3rd Member change to 1st and change to 2nd * Super Cancel: you can cancel some special move into a Desperation Move or a Leader Desperation Move. Using a Super Cancel Move costs 1 additional level, so totally you need 2 levels to cancel into a DMand 3 levels to cancel into a LDM. Special Attack Super Cancels are marked with !SC. Some command attacks can be also super canceled, but these cost no level. Command Attack Super Cancels are marked with !CSC. * Desperation Moves (DM): costs 1 level. * Leader Desperation Moves (LDM): can be used only by the leader character of your team (the first you choose on the selection screen). Costs 2levels.

HERO TEAM 17/04/04

The King of Fighters 2003 [moves] - NEO Encyclopedia

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Ash Crimson
close Brumaire Messidor !CSC Floreal Prarial Ventose Nivose !SC on 1st hit close Desperation Moves Thermidor Pluviose Leader Desperation Moves Sans-Culottes * for 5 seconds you can use charge moves without charging Vendemiaire !SC on 3rd hitDuo Lon
close jump Fuuka Tenshi x3 Jaki Juuryu 1st motion Onpei Ryuujin Ha Suishu: Shoukou Hika Tenshi Fuuka Tenshi Raika Tenshi Jaki Juuryuu !SC on 3rd Onpei Ryuujin Ha * only if the 1st Jaki Juuryuu misses Shiryou Hassei Kin !SC Himou Kyaku Genma Hishou Keikou Genmu Kyaku: Naiga Genmu Kyaku: Gaiga close Suishu: Makyakuho Desperation Moves Hiden: Genmu Juon Shikon Hiden: Genmu Onryou Heki LeaderDesperation Moves Ougi: Tajuu Genmu Ankei * for 5 seconds a "duplicate" imitate your moves and can hit the opponent * during this time your attacks will not knock away the opponent, this mean easier combo Suishu: Makyakuho Suishu: Ransaiki

Shen Woo
close Kyakuten Zuchi Fusen Kyaku Tenren Shuu hold Tenren no Kamae Gekiken * can hold * to cancel while holding


The King of Fighters 2003 [moves] - NEO Encyclopedia
* * Fukuko Geki close Desperation Moves Zetsu! Gekiken Kohyou Rengeki Leader Desperation Moves Bakushin * increase your attack power for 8 seconds version !SC if not charged version !SC if not fully charged

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Fukuko Geki Kouryuu Geki Saikou Hougeki

close Buster ThrowRising Upper Backspin Kick close standing Combination Blow Burn Knuckle Power Wave Crack Shoot Power Dunk Power Dunk on 1st hit Breaking Breaking Break Shoot Power Charge Power Charge Desperation Moves Power Geyser Buster Wolf Leader Desperation Moves Power Stream x2 Tsuika Nyuuryoku !SC on 1st hit * must use same button of Power Charge

Joe Higashi
close Hiza Jigoku Low Kick Slide Kick...
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