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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2012
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Text commentary: declaration of Independence of united state 4, july, 1776 |
school: sek-el castillo
Name: pablo guiassudin nuñez
Class: 4º e.s.o
Subject: humanities ( history)
Teacher: Manuel Blanco
Year: 2011- 2012 |

I am going to talk about the declaration of Independence of united states and comment it, it is a historic political text orjuridical document because it talks about the Independence of a state, concrect, the 13º colonies from the bristish empire. The declaration explains the separation and the new system of goverment that will have been there, the declaration of USA had been done principally by thomas Jefferson, who was a virginian congressman and the third president of USA that born 13, april of 1743 and died 4, julyof 1826 , he was helped by benjamín franklin and John Adams to do the first draft of the declaration of Independence of United State, this document was declared in the congress of Philadelphia, in July, 4 of 1776, it occurred during the liberal revolution period ( 1775 – 1848 ), his objective is the independence of the american´s colonies from great Britain and a government system from theequality of the people that is created iqual, this declaration was diriged to George III and his bristish empire.

I will analized the declaration of independence of united state where the main ideas is the independence of the colonies, the creation of a state without any relationship or depends of the great Britain empire and the unilienables rights that all human being must have, it ideas are basedin john looke, with the secondary ideas explained the tirany of the british crown, the corruption of these empire and how will be the government sustem of united states, this type of government is based in the illustration and the john looke´s opinion, the social contract, from these we saw that the people has unlianables rights that are the liberty, lif and the pursuit of the happiness, all thepeople are created by god equals and anybody are superior, unifique the people, another secondary ideas to justifique the government ideal is that the government is instituted by a men, and if it or the system converts tiran or corrupt, the people of USA has the right to abolish and do a new onw, these right is based in the thinks of rosseau and looke, this law is against the monarchy, attackingthe divinity of the king´s government and the religions, the poor conditions and the respect of the british goverment to the colonies brand the American revolution and the opinion of independence, the abuses of the empire and the ignorated of great Britain to the American colonies petitions bring the primary manisfested and the injury actions of the king came to the frist disputes. The tirany andthe injuries of George III and his british empire brang the decision of independence officially with a government made to the people and thinking in people´s rights, it provided new guards for a better future of security and life. The declaration of independence was declared in the liberal revolution which strated the contemporary period, the American revolution was the first revolution in themodern history and it was a model to other posterior revolution such as the latin revolutions or the French revolution, it brings republics and new governments systems based in the enligthment, that is a movement of a before period on the time where based in the light, the reason and philosophic thoughts, and where the religions not influence.

I will explain the context of the declaration ofindependence of united states that it is precedent by the war of the seven years, in this war where occurred principally in Europe and America, great Britain did a big empire, during the war, great Britain, Prussia, hanover and after helped by Portugal, beat against spain,france,russie,suecie,austrie and sajonia which objectives are conquested new territories and maintained the territories mainly in...
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