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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2010
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Ivan Garcia
November 22, 2009

Both presentations were really helpful in clarifying lots of doubts and also to open our minds to new opportunities related to the field of architecture. Ipersonally got a lot of feedback from both presentations that I will definitely be looking into the near future hopefully as a real state/ developer. From Toni’s presentation I liked the fact that heopened his own business at an early stage and especially while he was in school. I know the risks and effort involved would be greater, besides that, it requires lots of commitment, personal time andcourage put into to go out there and start a new business. As he mentioned, all the risk, time and effort pay s back as the business is growing and you become known in the market. His comments alsoproof that to open a new business and have access to more job opportunities is all about having connections and especially if you are ethical and honest in what you do and what you offer to your clientsthese opportunities are greater. In addition, it is quite important to have in mind that clients keep your business going because they recommend your work to someone else and so on. It is alsoimportant to always work to satisfy the client’s needs and at the end make them happy and try to build a long term relationship with them.
As far as Kelly’s presentation I liked the fact that ifyou keep up the good work and get well educated you can get really far. You have to be really committed to what you do in order to be able to handle this amount of responsibility such as managing alarge number of people, designing the infrastructure and controlling and supervising the execution to one of the most important means of transportation in a city such as the rail system where as he statedits used by thousands of people every day. His work and the results he and his staff achieved are tremendously important to these people because they become so dependable and reliable to public...
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