Comentary “a present for a good girl”, written by nadine gordimer

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This forty lines extract I am going to analyses is taken from the short story “A Present for a Good Girl”, written by Nadine Gordimer. Nadine Gordimer is a South African writer, which won in 1991 theNobel Price of literature. She usually treats in her works the apartheid thematic, ethnic conflicts and social problems. In this case Nadine Gordimer treats the problem of alcoholism and how itaffects the ones you love. This is shown, by the economic and mental effort that a mother does to by her daughter a present for her birthday, but her addiction to alcohol betray her desires, exposing herdaughter to embarrassing and uncomfortable situation.
In this extract it shows the part in which the daughter of this old woman enters the shop looking for her mother and discovers her drunk having aconflict with the seller of the shop. From which we can see the relationship between the old woman and her daughter’s vision towards her mother problem and people who trust on her. Gordimer uses manyliterary devices that make the audience really get involved and make a clear image of what is happening, such us comparisons, similes, rhetorical questions, synesthesia, etc… emphasizing the dramaticsituation with a critical-sentimental tone, with short and prices sentences.
From line 1 to 3, we can see the moment when the daughter of this old woman enters the shop. The narrator describes herphysical aspect and movements in order show the reader her feelings towards the situation that she was confronting. By phrases such as; “… when a pale girl, violently white faced, with the thin palehair of a slum child, swept trembling into the shop.”, from this it can be state that she is embarrass, angry (violently white faced) and desperate (swept trembling into the shop) due to the situationher mother is placing her, but also the narrator make the reader feel pity for her by comparing her hair with the hair of a slum child.
In lines 3 to 6, it is describe the corporal attitude that...
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