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"Feijoada" is directly connected to the presence of black people in Brazilian land. As a result of a fusion European-feeding habits with the creativity of African slaves, it has become asymbol of our national culinary.
This process started by the time of gold findings in the São Vicente "Capitania" (an administrative division) by the turn of the XVII century. The beginning ofmining activities in Brazil led to the creation of new "capitanias" and thus changed drastically Brazilian economy. Since then, the use of currency in trade, instead of the previously usedproduce such as cocoa and cotton, boosted the need for slave labor force, consequently increasing African black traffic and, therefore, its influence in our feeding habits.
In the gold miningarea (States of Minas Gerais, Goiás, Tocantins and Mato Grosso), since slaves were all hired in the search of gold and diamonds, having no chance to care for their own food, provisions usedto come from other areas (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro state coast) on beasts of burden in troops. That is the origin of the also popular 'Feijão tropeiro" (a meal improvised by muleteers ontheir journeys), which adds to this strong national preference for dishes based on beans.
At that time, in Diamantina, slaves' food used to be basically made up of maize flour, beans andsalt. So, beans with manioc flour or coarse maiza flour, mixed before serving, turned into a traditional disk back then.
Shortly afterwards, meat was added to this dish, along with the admiredPortuguese stew, which included assorted meats and vegetables, boiled all together, with the previously used beans, lard and flour. "Feijoada" was then created.
At present, this traditionalBrazilian dish consists of black beans boiled with some pork (ear, tail, feet, etc.) with side orders of green kale fried with oil and garlic, white rice, manioc flour and pepper sauce.
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