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1. Monkey brains
The true delicacy of Guinea, monkey brains are served at your skull and are prepared as follows: take the monkey, he opens the skull still alive and served with brains still warm and palpitating.
2. Balut
This exotic dish is duck eggs fertilized embryo stage, cooked and served in their shells. In places like Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines, this chapter deals with fooddelight the local recipes.
5. Monkey Toes
In Indonesia there is a great market to monkey meat, but the dish strangest of all is one where the fingers of several monkeys are introduced into boiling oil, fried once eaten as a snack bar before the main meal.
6. Semen mackerel
It was presented by the team of Ferran Adrià and has a delicate flavor and a creamy texture. As discussed those who havehad the pleasure of trying the gonads of mackerel, this has a delicate flavor with a creamy texture similar to that of the brain, so its use is very similar to what you can give the lamb brains or pork, but only for fish dishes.
7. Maguey worms
In Mexico maguey worms fried in butter and served in tacos with hot sauce. They taste great (that's what they say), the problem is that their appearancedoes not help: worms are yellow and thick. They are of those worms that if you stand on them, gets out all the stuffing with eas
8. Ants culonas
In Colombia, eat ants culonas. A kind of thick head, thorax and abdomen extraordinarily large intestine with the rest of your body, provided with large tongs and four colorful wings.
9. Beer human bone
It is rare that there is a bone beer, but that thisis in turn of human bone. The Cocomo ethnic Indians in Peru have called a custom centuries by anthropologists as "compassionate cannibalism". This custom is based on making beer with the bones of a deceased relative before being consumed by the family. This will ensure that the person's spirit continues to live in the bodies of their loved ones
10. Pig blood
One of the most popular dishes ofHungary consists of boiled eggs floating in pig blood. Make dishes normal blood is extremely cold countries, for example in Sweden is customary to make a blood cake and reindeer in northern China a duck blood jelly
12. Tequilalix
A tequila-flavored lollipop with real worm inside. A delicious version of Caramel flavored Mezcal with a worm in the bottom of the bottle. The worm inside the lollipop isspecially bred for human consumption and have been fed a special diet of grains and vegetables so it's a delicious and nutritious addition to candy
13. Casu Marzu or formaggio Marcio
Italian food does not begin and end in the pasta and pizza. It also has some exotic recipes such as this traditional Sardinian cheese, known to serve as habitat for a strange kind of insect larva. In the dialectspoken in this part of Italy, "Casu Marzu" means rotten cheese as its drift process Sardinian pecorino cheese. The deli is achieved by the digestive action of the fly larvae cheese (introduced deliberately) which produces a high level of fermentation as well as the breakage of fatty acids. The cheese softens and secretes a liquid called "tear". The larvae appear in the cheese as translucent whiteworms about eight millimeters long that can jump up to fifteen centimeters
15. Weasel Coffee
This is possibly one of the strangest coffee varieties that can be found in the world. This coffee comes from the remote interior of Vietnam. It comes from a very strange natural phenomenon. Wild Weasels swarm coffee plantations and eat ripe coffee beans but instead of digesting the take by mouth. Due tothe fact that the beans have been in contact with the gastric juices of the weasel, the flavor of the beans is altered dramatically when cooked this coffee. This coffee is picked up by locals and sold. This coffee has a stronger flavor than coffee and chocolate lynx but the two cafes have completely different flavors. It should serve as a regular coffee fresh Italian coffee or espresso even as...
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