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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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By Rosa A. Garcia

I agree with the comment made by Ian Dunt about Vince Cable’s speech. We didn’t have access to Cable’s speech, however I couldread a part of it.

The comments made by Cable shows a reality, describe what is going in a free market economy, when the strongest defeats theweakest. It is an endless war, and the question is: Does anyone can control it? Any government? Any International Organization? Any big company?Maybe, with regulations or laws. However isn’t it then that if a government put his finger in people will come out and shout ‘this government is tryingto control us, this government is going against capitalism!’

It’s an endless war, with winners and losers among consumers and producers.Consumers will choose the best one for them, and producers will compete to gain those consumers. And we have to be honest and admit that we are living in aeconomy, where only the one who knows how to play and move all his pieces will win, until the other one will learn how to do it and even better sothis one will be able to defeat him….and so on. Endless game.

Labeling the comment made by Cable ‘marxist’, I also believe is absurd, it is wayfar from that. I think in a globalize economy that we are dealing with, we evolved and let those thoughts in the past, even though knowing they arestill Marxist movements in the world, they could not ignore the fact that nowadays if you want to be strong and survive you have to adapt or mutate.