Communication in time of crisis

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Case study: The BP oil spill – Communication in a time of crisis
1- ) The communication lines that BP has used to deal with the crisis.
The company British Petroleum, has been one of the lastcompany to use power of communication on Facebook and Twitter to broadcast their message quickly in a crisis situation such as the oil spill in the Gulf of México. Also, the company British Petroleum usedcommunication lines as: Flickr and youtube. BP additionally used a specific web-site and the help of United States government.
2- ) The effectiveness of these strategies and their impact on BP’scorporate operations.
The effectiveness of these strategies are: timely information and speed of the communication. For example: Facebook and twitter were also the first to report the controlled burningof oil.
The idea of BP company, was to have timely information. The company had about 13.400 followers on Twitter and 11.000 in the page created in conjunction with United States government forFacebook to report the oil spill containment task. Also, in Twitter the idea was broadcast information daily about the oil spill and what is the progress day by day. Of course, from the first "tweet" thecompany began to provide information daily even on weekends and holidays. As for the website, the highlight was a section that offers live images of the spill. These lines of communication are verygood in time of crisis, but is very important know how to use. Sometimes, do not know how to use correctly these communication lines can be a problem.
The impact on BP was not good because in anyopportunities had delay in response at time. For example: In the case of Twitter, the first update on the status of the account of BP appeared a week after the outbreak of the platform. On Facebook, theanswer was as occurring late on May 3.
Also, other problems that had BP were many failures of communication as:
Too much information but lack of transparency and while it is positive that the...
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