Communism and the press

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Communism and the press

In some communist countries, leaders and their government make their laws according to the benefits of the government. Current Communist Countries; China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam have different ways of controlling its people but they all share some of the communist rules. There's always a control in the Mass Media, no matter what country or government itis, but there's always a control and the control is based on what the press can say or not.
In other countries where they have other types of government like a democracy, many rules are still applied and the media is controlled by the government. Journalist and other people who try to express feelings, ideas and opinions are being forced to accept the rules of a nation and in many places ifthese rules are not followed people can go to jail. For this and other reason the communisms in most communist countries, changed the mass media in a way that there’s not freedom of speech and all ways of communication are highly controlled most of the times. Mass Media was created and developed for a purpose; it was created to make communicate in an easier, better and more reliable way.
Most ofthe time countries that have this way of control of the press, the government are forcing this controlled because they are trying to avoid any conflict of revolution. And the reason for this is that many people in their nations are against the government because things are not working out, like the economy, jobs, food and other needs and the press is the best way that they can begging to protest andask for a change of that’s how they communicate with other nations that can help them. That’s why most communist nations control the press so they can see what can be published or not.
North Korea is a communist nation where people and all ways of communication are highly controlled. The leader of this nation Kim Jong-Il is much known for his powerful control on North Korean people. KimJong-Il was born in 1942 in the Soviet Union. During World War II (1939-1945) Kim’s father, Kim Il Sung, led a Communist guerrilla group fighting against Japanese forces. In 1945 Kim’s family returned to Korea, with his father being honored as a war hero. In 1948 he became the top leader of North Korea’s Communist party Korean Workers’ Party (KWP). After his death, Kim Jong-Il, now leader of NorthKorea inherited the North Korean leadership from his father. During his dictatorship laws were created and some where changed specially in the mass media field and the press.
As a Law in North Korea, Radios and televisions are set to receive only government broadcasts approved by the Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee. This is a law in which they are obligated to watch the news orlisten to their radios so they can get informed about the government. For many reasons this is unfair for the North Korean people. Once the government controls the mass media, it's not for sure that they are telling the truth to people.
According to the North Korean constitution, Article 53 grants North Korean citizens freedom of press and speech. In the other hand Article 53 protects those rightsonly if media expressions are supportive of the government. Like any other country in the world, governments always make mistakes. For this reason Article 53 of the North Korean constitution is used in way to protect the government from any mistakes they make or any problem they cause to its people and other nations in the world.
The press situation in Cuba is one of the most restrictive in LatinAmerica. Over the more than four decades freedom of expression and freedom of the press has not existed on the island. As in any other communist country, rules are very strict. Since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Fidel Castro the leader and Cuba's dictator had enforced the law and put to jail people who go against unfair laws. Fidel Castro was born in 1926 and he became dictator since 1959. In...
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