Como afectamos al medio ambiente

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We as humans have always depended in what nature provide us, first we started to use the land so it can provide us with the basic things that we need to survive, our food, we used the animals skinsto protect us for the environment. And as time passed we stared to explode nature for our own good, and without giving enough back. And we doesn’t stop there, our activities contaminate and kill theenvironment. So we have to answer these questions:
1. What are we doing wrong?
2. What can we do to not only stop the effects of our actions, but also to reverse what we have done?
First we need tounderstand that we are literally ¨killing¨ our planet, we are ending with the natural resources, we are polluting our rivers and our air, and we are killing the biodiversity of this planet. The thinghere is that we only have one planet and it’s our only home, if we kill it we are committing suicide.
We use natural resources for everything we do, for transporting goods from one place toanother or to create a new medicine for saving thousands of people; if we want to continue like this we need to do something about it.
When we use the natural resources both renewable and non-renewablewe need to now start thinking on how we are using them because we have been using them since the 17 century in the early stages of the human history
As we saw in class, the big corporations are theones that are polluting the most, but they also control in a certain way the government of any country, and this lead to a world that is controlled by corporations that have a wrong understanding ofthe words social responsibility. Every day that passes is vital for saving our planet so we cannot waste time and need to start today.
The bad usage of natural resources is just a piece of thispuzzle; another important piece is all the pollution that we leave from our way of living which only an average American produces 726 kgs a year of trash and in Mexico is 30% more per person. We cannot...
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