Como agua para chocolate

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The novel called Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel tells the story of Tita De La Garza, the youngest daughter and the protagonist of the novel, who has been living with her family in Mexico during the time of the twentieth century. In the course of twelve chapters, each is marked as a "monthly installment." The reader discovers Tita's struggle to pursue true love and maintain herfreedom. Each installment features a recipe that starts each chapter. The major affairs of these recipes are woven throughout the narrative, by the niece of Tita known as Esperanza. She opens the novel by informing the reader about the birth of Tita, who was born in the kitchen while crying in the flood of tears which would foreshadows the grief and desire that will pass through her later life. Titaalso has spent most of her childhood in kitchen, because her mother, Mama Elena hands her off instantly to Nacha, who is a house cook. Outside the kitchen, Tita follows the difficult routine that her mother, Mama Elena sets for her daughters, which is full of food preparation, cleaning, and prayer. However, their house routine is interrupted one day when a guy named Pedro Muzquiz arrived at theirhouse to ask for Tita's hands. But Mama Elena refuses this marriage proposal, offering instead the hand of her second daughter, Rosaura, since their family tradition required for the youngest daughter to stay unmarried so that she can take care of her parents in their old age. Tita at the other hand is disappointed by this rigid custom, and being as a young woman, she rebels against the familytradition that limits her to a living without love.
Shortly afterwards, the wedding of Pedro and Rosaura takes place, which would also marks the first example when Tita misguidedly pours her emotions into the food she prepares. This results into the nonstop sickness and a terrible sense of loss among the wedding guests, which has been ultimately transformed from an act of emotional aggression thatTita has endured into an act of social aggression. But the alteration of Tita's emotions into the food does not end after the fateful wedding of her sister. As a matter of fact, the next victim has happened to be her own sister, Gertrudis. This time, "the meal serves as an aphrodisiac for Gertrudis which arouses her in an insatiable sexual desire, and she began to feel an intense heat pulsing throughher limbs." (Esquivel 51) This feel of sensation later invokes her to escape De La Garza family and its tradition; something that Tita has not been able to done. Despite the fact that Tita can only express her sexuality within the household sphere, Gertrudis is able to surpass these limitations without a second thought. Her disappearance can be seen as a success, in which she discards the ideasof social modesty in order follow her uncontrolled wishes. Fortunately after this incident, a surprising happiness comes to Tita's life with the birth of her nephew Roberto, the son of Rosaura and Pedro. Tita eventually takes the liability of nursing his nephew, but once she offers her breast to pacify the child, she find out that she is miraculously full with milk and is able to nourish Roberto.Pedro then later discovers this secret, but he helps her to hide this secret from the rest of the family, by which means he tries to increase the illicit relationship between the two yet further. This connection also let into the communication between Tita and Pedro, where she let him observe her breast, which is an attraction in their erotic relationship and is expressed like having "Tita beingtransformed from chaste to experience" (Esquivel 77) without the advantage of any physical contact; and with the fact that Tita has been able to produces milk as though she had been pregnant, can be infer as one of the magical realism of this novel.
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Unluckily, clever Mama Elena senses something between Pedro and Tita, and thus she decides to sent Rosaura, Pedro, and baby Roberto to...
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