Como combinar soa con togaf

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Delivering SOA with TOGAF
Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Phase A: Stakeholders Phase A: Views and Viewpoints Phase B: Business Architecture Enhancements Phase C: Application Architecture or Service Architecture or Both? Phase C: Service / Application Architecture Enhancements Phase C: Data Architecture Enhancements Phase D: Technology Architecture Enhancements Overview ofTOGAF Preliminary Phase Enhancement Phase A: Architecture Vision Enhancement Objective of this presentation Objective and Approach of this presentation Why need to enhance TOGAF to support SOA

By: Awel Dico, PhD

Enterprise Architect



January 2008

Page 1

Objective and Approach of this presentation

To communicate why TOGAF shouldbe enhanced to support SOA

To discuss the key enhancements or changes to TOGAF ADM

To discuss how would one incorporate those changes

Approach in this presentation: Objectives


Process Steps How

Output What

Page 2

Why need to enhance TOGAF to support SOA?

TOGAF is a mature EA framework that is widely adopted

SOA is architecture style that is beingwidely adopted

Enterprises have adopted both TOGAF and SOA

Struggling to bring the EA work and SOA together

TOGAF practitioners should be able to use TOGAF to deliver SOA

Need to stop looking at the two as separate activities

Page 3

Overview: TOGAF

What is TOGAF? TOGAF = The Open Group Architecture Framework.

Preliminary Adapt framework phase

Define principles,

Anarchitecture framework that enables you to design, evaluate, and build the right architecture for your organization.

A: Define scope; create H: Establish for vision; obtain approvals procedures for managing A change to new Architecture architecture vision B B: Develop a Business business H Architecture Architecture architecture
Change Management

What architecture style does it support? TOGAFdoesn’t specify the architecture style – it is a generic framework TOGAF can be used in developing architecture based on SOA style.

Requirement Managements
Information Systems Architecture

What does it contain? TOGAF consists of three main parts: The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM), The Enterprise Continuum The TOGAF Resource Base

Implementation Governance

C: Developdata and application architecture

Technology Architecture

D: Develop a technology architecture

G: Provide architectural oversight of the implementation

Migration Planning

F: Prioritize, select major work packages, develop migration plan
Opportunities and Solutions

E: Check point suitability for implementation

Enterprise Continuum TOGAF Resource Base SolutionContinuum Architecture Continuum

Page 4

Preliminary Phase - Enhancement



To ensure everyone is committed to architecture process To define the architecture principles (including SOA principles) To define scope and assumptions To assess SOA readiness, maturity and define SOA adoption plan To define framework and detail methodologies (i.e. ADM) To setup and monitor aprocess (including SOA Governance framework) To define criteria for architecture tools


Inputs Steps
1. 2. 3. 4.


TOGAF Architecture Development Method Statement of SOA interest Other architecture frameworks Existing SOA Reference Architectures Existing industry SOA Maturity models Business strategy, principles, goals, drivers IT governance strategy Existing SOAGovernance Frameworks Architecture principles, when pre-existing Existing SOA principles Principles that are being subscribed to, arising from other, federated architectures 5. 6.

Assess SOA readiness Assess SOA maturity Plan SOA adoption Develop/Select/customize SOA Reference Architecture Develop Guidelines Develop SOA governance framework

Framework definition Architecture principles, including...
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