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SK8 features:
A prototype-based, fully dynamic object system
An English-like scripting language supporting complex declarative operations on collections
A general and extensive graphics and eventsystem based on containment and sophisticated rendering
A rich object framework with support for multimedia and for tool building, fully integrated with the operating system environment.
Afeature-rich, direct manipulation development environment
The scripting language, graphics system, application framework, user interface, and various editors are explained in the User Guide.[1]
SK8'sscripting language was the first prototype implementation of AppleScript; later on it was renamed SK8Script. One of the major uses of the system was by Apple's QA group to create an automated black-boxtesting system. The system was used to develop prototypes for Newton, Quicktime interfaces, interprocess communication, and was used to prototype many titles, including Stagecraft, a learning tool forchildren. SK8's scripting technology was transferred to Kaleida (a joint Apple/IBM venture), and many projects. Outside Apple, SK8 has been seeded to over one hundred sites for evaluation and prototyping.SK8 developers have created projects in a matter of hours. SK8 can be used to create tools designed to address specific needs. For example, media producers could create projects with time-based,event-driven and interactive book/movie sections thus adding depth and richness not available in today's authoring tools.
[edit]The story of SK8

The SK8 project was created by Ruben Kleiman when hejoined Apple in 1987. He came to Apple wishing to develop a highly flexible, object-oriented user interface and multimedia development environment which could be used to create not only applications,but also high-level development environments suitable for any specific domains (e.g., training, games, planning and scheduling, accounting and finance, music theory and performance). In addition,...
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