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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2013
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C: Hello and welcome once again to so you think you can sing, tonight are the final performances between Laura Martinez and Paul Horan they are competing for a contractwith Universal Studios so let’s enjoy this amazing voices and see what the judges have to say , so Julie and Maria are you ready for this challenge ?
M: Hi Cristina, We have heard these two voices andcompared the musical structure and tuning of each so we can determine the winner today hopefully see some surprises.
J: We’re excited to see what’s coming I’m sure the winner will be the best; also Ihave to take into account the long week Laura and Paul were practiced very hard so I think the decision will be difficult , but you are a judge too ,don’t you?
C: Oh yes at this final I am one ofthe judges so the decision is in my hands too, well I am going to talk with each one to see how they feel tonight let’s go to the backstage
C: Laura and Paul hi, how do you feel?
L: Hello Cristina Iam scared I don`t know what is going to happen but my training was hard with many surprises you will see so I am sure I’ll sing like I’ve ever done , I heard you’re a judge so I’ll must do it rightC: Off course both are very important for this program so Laura do the best you have
L: I’ll do it thanks, hope everyone enjoy my performance
P: Cristina well I’ve being preparing my voice fortonight so I am relaxed I trust my voice and my training , the support that Maria gave me was incredible it was one of the things that would make me win
C: I see you are very trustful, I will heard allthis preparing, you are the first one Paul please get ready
P: Fine, thanks to you and all the support I had
____C: Please welcome to Paul Horan tonight singing what you minds to me by StrelingKight ____
______________ paul sing _______________________
M: Paul your musical development in this program increased too much, I really enjoyed your presentation, the song that you chose fit with...
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