Como iniciar un negocio

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St. Patrick Day is March 17th, it is a religious ocation which celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. On this day, the streets are very crawded wearing colorful green costumes. Furthemore, it iscelebrated by Irish people and a lot of people around the world. However, most people year after year are celebrating this unique tradition, ignoring many facts and many corious thing about it. As anillustration, who was St. Patrick? Since when this tradition gets originated in Ireland and also in America? And some important features about this significant date, that must be known to enjoy thiscelebration. First of all, Let us to know who St. Patrick was. He was born in 389 A.D. His real name appears to have been Mawyin Succat, but he chose Patrick when he was ordained as a priest. In addition,he was considered the patron saint of Catholic church in Ireland. St. Patrick history was a little confused between reality and fantasy because of his kidnap by Irish pirates when he was a child,then his return home and in the end, he left his family to study in the Monastery for a period of twelve years. During his training, his wishes were to return to Ireland to convert the native pagans toChristianity. He died on March 17th A.D. 461 and since then It has been commemorated as St. Patrick day. This tradition came to America in the year 1737, the first time It was celebrated, then in NewYork in 1762. It became so popular because It takes place just a few days before the first day of spring. But It was officially recognized until 1931 in Dublin, Ireland. Second, the St. Patrick partyconsists in many important things such as featuring parades, wearing green, shamrocks, green beer and the delicious traditional food. Parades every year are getting more popular and more decorative. Infact, it has gone turned out in order to attract a major quantity of tourist. Some important facts of this celebration are: Why do we wear in green? It is because of the Catholic Church in Ireland...