Como obama perdio sus amigos asiaticos

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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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Barack Obama wanted a closer relationship with Asia because it’s economic power, so he spent a lot of time in meetings, during one ofthose meeting he invited the Chinese President “Hu Jintao” to Washington, it was kind of formal occasion.
One senior of administration officially told the reporters that t was veryimportant for the country to be attached with Asia because of the economic interests and the political security.
Obama announced that he would create the most important American deal tradesince free trade agreement of Clinton; He told that the deal was going to be completed in November.
He declared himself the first “pacific president” he don’t want to be like George W.Bush, In the Asia regional Gathering, the secretary of state said: “United States is back” In Asia.
Obama was the first American president who takes the step of take a document. He launcheda “comprehensive partnership”. Then all this stuff was distracted by the middle east war in afghanistan, he started to be not sure about he was doing, about the japan gorvement, but hestills trying to make trades with asia.
Because of others situations like the oil spill in the gulf of mexico, obama stoped his visits, so he didn’t visited cities and countryes where hewas supposed to be so goods were lost, and the people desafortunately too.

Well I have chosen this article because the title was very interesting, for the thing i had read ithink that obama is too young or too inexperienced because he lost a lost of opportunities and he thinks that he lives in other world, that everybody depends on US and on those moments UShad a economic weakness, a fact that supports what i say, it’s that obama refused a meeting whit Dalay Lama while he was in Washington, and that was like a crime for the other country.
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