Como sobrevivir a una entrevista de trabajo

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How to survive the interview

In an interview, common sense sometimes goes out the window and even the brightest and sharpest professional can sometimes forget the simplest things so here’s a common sense approach to surviving. These tips and techniques have been tested and your preparation will pay dividends! If you have questions, just call your recruiter. Good Luck with your interview!1. The objective of an interview

An interviewer has just one objective: to decide whether or not to extend you a job offer. The interviewer will examine your work history and educational background, your strengths and accomplishments. He or she will also evaluate your level of motivation, values, attitude and personality. Are you the right person for the job, what is your potentialfor promotion and will you fit into the company environment?
For you the interview is an important screening tool to gauge potential employers, and it allows you to learn about the position and the company so that you can make an intelligent decision when you get the offer. Remember, if you don’t get the job offer, you don’t have a choice so utilize these tips and techniques and focus on oneobjective…get the job offer!

2. "YOU" as the product

You don't have a choice until a job offer is made, so view the interview as a sales presentation with YOU as the product. Even if you are not particularly interested in the job, go through the interview anyway…it’s good practice. Preparation and practice can, and will, increase your chances of being successful; and if you don’t getthe offer the reason is more likely to be job related and less personal. When you make a good impression you may be considered for future openings.

3. The basics

Be honest…there are few things worse than being in a job for which you are not qualified. If you find that the job isn’t what you want, don’t take it. But be polite and courteous since there may be other positions for which youwould be perfect.
Complete the application fully and write legibly.
Take a copy of your resume so you can accurately record your dates of employment on the application.
Have a good handshake.
Be polite at all times, even if you think the interviewer is an idiot (and you think you could do his/her job better).
Dress appropriately in conservative, professional attire.
Don't say anythingderogatory about ANYONE or ANYTHING!
Be on time; if you think you may be even one-minute late, call ahead.
If you are kept waiting, be gracious.
Don't chew gum.
Make eye contact with the interviewer and avoid distractions in the room.
Sit up straight...the "Lay-Z-Boy Recliner" look will not make a good impression.
Conduct yourself with confidence and determination to get the job. You have otheroptions, of course, and your interviewer knows this, but wants to believe that you favor a job with his or her company.
Be friendly and cordial but remember...the interview is not a casual conversation, it's a serious matter.
Take a pen (and a spare) and several copies of your resume.
Be truthful! If you lie in an interview or on an application, you will be found out and lose all chances ofgetting or keeping the job.
Listen to the interviewer's question and answer them. Don't evade a question. If you don't know the answer, say so...then volunteer to call back with the information (just remember...if you say you will call back you MUST follow through!).
Remember to shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
Sit up with your back straight. If a coffee or asoft drink is offered, decline graciously so you won’t have to worry about spilling or choking…and no smoking!
Present a positive attitude. DO NOT appear disinterested or that you are job shopping.
Do not fake knowledge. Be yourself. Poise, confidence, and self-respect are of great importance.
Be sincere.
Be enthusiastic (but not overly…a tough balance to achieve).
Don’t play coy. Sell...
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