Como un famoso es afectado por el acohol

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  • Publicado : 23 de diciembre de 2011
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Young people, especially teenagers are beginning to increasingly in early age than drugs, alcohol, snuff and sex. An example that we can observe about this is the famous artist . She is one of themost recognizable faces in show business and she was becoming an example for young people but unfortunately her vices, each day has created a bad image of her life.
She was to become in a bad examplefor young people, not only because she has been criticized for drunk driving, and under the influence of drugs, make constant visits to rehabilitation centers, and for severe alcohol problems.Thanks to all these vices, she has had serious health problems such as excessive weight loss. She had a very stormy family background as well too, as the divorce of their parents and a carefree mother ofher daughter's health. While .... mother accompanying her daughter to the media, that does not mean that she have control under her daughter. Apart the fame have led her to carelessness her physicalhealth and mental health.

alcohol abuse, in many cases has been excessive and even uncontrolled, it has been her biggest problem for a few years. These alcohol problems have led her to commitfollies and absurdities in his private life, that in other words when a person consumes alcohol in excess stop thinking. Several times have been found her in a public street this actress in a deplorablestate, where alcohol is obviously the protagonist and blame. Although she has tried to rehabilitate all the times that she tried, she never had been able to do it because she never had the willpower.For her problems of alcohol and drugs, she is leading to problems with the law and over-reliance on drugs.
For the girl who was one of the most admired artists in a few years ago, now, she is goingthrough very difficult moments in his life thanks to all the scandals she starred for the excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. What at first seems like a game of youth influenced by money and...
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