Comparación entre oxxo y 7 eleven


1.- Introduction
2.- OXXO
• Background
• Global Market Strategy
• OXXO and its entrance to the Developing World
• Some recommendations
3.- 7 Eleven
• Background
• Success keys
•7 Eleven : A comparison between the Develop and the Developing world
4.- Conclusions
5.- Webography

People schedules regarding not only their professional activities but also therush in which they are obliged to live in their personal lives, a typical road trip or a simply craving are some reasons why convenience stores are seem today as a major business opportunity.
Thiskind of business model consists of stores that offer service 24 hours, 7 days a week and have many branded products commonly consumed. The variety usually consists in any kind of product that representsa small necessity and can be obtained quickly. Lately, convenient stores have also adapted new commercial and marketing techniques that include the quick payment of some services such as: telephone,water, electricity and in some of them you can even pay for a plain or bus tickets.
This strategy of course, is focused on offering commodity to the consumer. The accessibility, proximity andconvenience of schedules are aspects that give this business model a strong market niche. The intention is to have a large amount of consumers that frequent these establishments in order to meet immediateneeds without spending too much of their time doing it.
Location strategy is the most important strategy in these stores. Sites where they are mainly located are close to residential areas and gasstations. This gives really quick access to them and meets the goal of becoming the first choice in the consumer’s mind.
This business model has several success stories that have managed to positionthemselves as brands leaders in this sector, not only in a domestic market but worldwide as well.
The two companies that I will try to approach in order to answer question 1 from this assignment are:...
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