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August 14, 2012
1. What is Comparative Politics?
Comparative Politics is a term that doesn’t have only one meaning. It is a term made up of three very important elements. The first being theability to study other foreign countries that don’t always have something in common, that’s why they’re being compared. The so called method of research and comparison of popular and scientific culturesis not always the one that most people approach to. This last element which builds and gives meaning to the term comparative politics is the most important one, the systematic comparison that is madebetween the countries with the sole purpose of identifying and explaining the particular item which was compared in the first place. In conclusion and adding all these crucial elements we get thatcomparative politics is made up of methods, analysis, research and most importantly comparison.
2. Identify the stages of the development of Comparative Politics and the perspective and scope that wasused under each of them.
The different stages of development of Comparative Politics start of when instead of directing the comparative method to the society itself instead of only making it visibleto political bias: the different institutions, criticism and context through which comparative politics went through. As for the perspectives and the scope that was used under each of these isnonetheless than the difference between the schools of comparative politics meaning the traditional ones back in the days and the new ones of the late 1900’s which differ in criteria, methods, research andmost importantly political comparison. Also since now practically the comparison can be seen as a global ambition that must be discovered.
3. What and why are the questions that the newcomparativists are formulating?
Among the questions that the new comparativists, which flourished in the late 50s and 60s, are those that have come to be more devious and challenging than the ones that were...
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