Comparative advantage of mexico in relation to energetics

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2010
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Comparative Advantage of México in relation with Energetics

In order to determine first the magnitude of the reserves and the production with which Mexico counts, we mention some data about theproduction of energy.
A 58% of the total energy produced in the whole world is produced by fossil fuels. More specifically, in Mexico, the 89.1% of the energy consumed is produced by these kinds offuels. These fuels are classified as hydrocarbons, and with it, the most important in the country are crude oil and natural gas.
The importance of the extraction of oil is observed in the percentage ofthe GDP that corresponds to this activity. According to the GDP of 2008, which was of 1,768.865 millions of pesos; the second part after the biggest corresponding to other service activities (34%),is composed by manufacture industry (19%), and from that portion of GDP, 45% (8.55% of the total GDP) belongs to extraction of hydrocarbons.
Table 1

Graph 1

Table 2

Graph 2

About the useof hydrocarbons to produce energy in 2008, most of it came from the crude oil (69.7%), 29.4% from natural gas and 1% from primary electricity.

Biggest Crude Oil and Natural Gas reserves in theworld at the end of 2008
As we have already considered, Mexico has always been mentioned as one of the countries that exports in large quantities crude oil and natural gas; as we explained as our mainpurpose of these paper, we want to determine if for Mexico is a true advantage to have these reserves and if the levels of production nowadays are going to make the running out of these resources soon.In the following table, we are going to show the 25 countries with the biggest reserves in the world.
Table 3 and Graph 3
**These table only includes the proved reserves until 2008; the reservesare from crude oil and natural gas and new reserves as result of exploration without proving are not taken into account.

At the beginning of January of 2009, PEMEX registered an incorporation of...
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