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            Some of the characters studied in class have a very physical view of reality; others not so physical.  When I mentioned physical, I mean to Lencho in a “Letter to God” by Gregorio Lopez yFuentes and the narrator of “Success Story” by James Gould Gozzens, whose have a very physical understanding of life, believing in ability and material things. On other hand, Richards in “SuccessStory” and the narrator of “The Tell-Tale-Heart” by Edgard Allan Poe, don´t have a physical understanding of life, believing in appearance as realistic.
            At first instance, physicalcharacters as Lencho and the narrator of “Success Story” believe in material things. Lencho believe that God is other person who can does everything. So much so, that will send a letter requesting money andwaiting with a lot of faith to his reward. Also thinks that the money is the only thing that can help him to be happy.  For him, these images are the solution for his well being.  However, the narratorof “Success Story” thinks very similar as Lencho but he believes that knowledge matters and his success is based on substance. He tries to show it at work, on the grounds that the only importantquality for success is knowledge. Other qualities such as sympathy and honesty do not matter. The narrator is not realistic because in his “word” success is not usually based on reality.
            Then,we shift to the non-physical physical to actions which involve more feelings and thoughts more human. Starting with the case of Richards in "Success Story" who understands that to be successful,intelligence is not the most important, but the ability to communicate and interact with others, namely humility and sympathy in a labor. Richard is more real because according to him, success is usuallybased on Appearance.  However, the narrator of "The Tell-Tale-Heart" is not physical because the human instinct made him feel threatened by the eye of a man and kill him according to the narrator...
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