Comparative table between canada and colombia

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* Introduction | The Canadians culture has been historically influenced by European culture and traditions,British and French.Also that culture has been influenced for the elements of the cultures of Canada´s Aboriginal peoples and immigrant people now mainstream in this country.Canada also has been stronglyinfluenced by the linguistic, economy, and culture for its neighbor, the United States of America. | The Colombian culture has been influenced by European culture, especially by Spain traditions.Also the culture has been influenced for the Mexican culture and actually is influenced by United States of America. |
* Language | The languages most popular are English and French, although thereare people that still speak with aboriginals languages. The people that speak English and French are a few. | The official language in Colombia is the Spanish, although there are a lot of dialectsbelonging to Aboriginal groups. |
* Holidays | The Canadians celebrate all year different holidays how New year, The family`s day, The queen`s holiday, Canada´s day, The worker`s day, Thanksgivingday, Christmas and Boxing day, this is the next day of Christmas and is when the people give the presents. | The Colombians celebrated All year different holydays how New year, The family`s day, therace`s day, The independency day, the epiphany, the Cartagena`s independency, The worker`s day, Halloween, Christmas.And the Barranquilla’s carnival is one the most important carnival in Colombia,America and of the world. |
* People | The people are very different if they are francocanadians or Anglocanadians; the Francocanadians are how the Hispanic people, they are most happyand kind, instead the Anglocanadians are most reserved and calm.For the people in general, the courtesy are very important, for example the Canadians when greet you don`t say Hi or Hey; and they...
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