Compare and contrast essay: seinfeld and friends

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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Maria Fernanda
World Literature 10B
Professor: Mr. Blotta
Compare and Contrast Essay
Friends and Seinfeld
​In the past years, we can see the differences between the moderntelevision shows and the older ones. This is the case of Friends, one of the top tv shows of all time; and Seinfeld, one of the funniest tv shows of the 90's. When the producer begins to write aboutthe show, they want the characters to be represented by someone who people can be related to. That way the show's ratings are probably going to be better than those who their characters are not thatvisible and transparent for people to be connected with.
​There are more differences than similarities between Friends and Seinfeld. The similarities are only seen by people that don't actually watchthe shows. A couple of the similarities would be that they both aired on NBC, both of the settings were placed in New York City, and they both were about a group of friends. That pretty much does itfor the similarities.
​Now, the differences are many. Seinfeld was based mainly on the material of a comedian named Jerry Seinfeld when Friends was based on the everyday lives of Phoebe, Joey,Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel, six friends who lived in New York City. The comedy of Seinfeld was largely about the small, everyday occurrences of life. Friends, on the other hand, tended to findhumor in bizarre relationships and ridiculous situations. Friends had its moments of drama and sentiment. Seinfeld almost never took itself this seriously. In Seinfeld, the story lines were differentevery week and there wasn't much continuity from episode to episode. It was basically a show about nothing. And in Friends each episode featured stories involving all the characters. The characters alsogrew throughout the seasons of the show. There were babies born, marriages, divorces, career changes, etc. Seinfeld lasted 9 seasons while Friends lasted 10. The final episode of Friends reached 8.6...
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