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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2009
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One Thing Two Different Ways

The pentagram has a wide range of meanings, depending on the way it is drawn. This symbol viewed from the geometry point of view is the simplest regular star polygon made five triangles of the exact same size. When the pentagram is surrounded by a circle it means “humanity’s wisdom”. Whereas upside down it stands for “Satanism”. Apparently wisdoms and Satanismhave nothing to do with each other but it is interesting how the meaning of a symbol can have different meanings, can share some beliefs, and can have the same purpose even though wisdom is the counterpart of what evil is.
For some cultures, such as the Japanese, the pentagram stands for humanity’s wisdom; where it represents the human body. The top triangle represents the head and the other fourtriangles the limbs, according to their location. For example, the upper right triangle is the right arm. Furthermore, according to the Japanese philosophy, each triangle stands for each element: spirit, wind, water, fire and earth. For the Japanese, when these elements are combined, the universe is a perfect balance. Having these five elements with it is a metaphor for humanity; human beings arein perfect balance with their surroundings having a fulfilling life rather than painful. Since the circle is a path without beginning or end; the circle around the pentagram means infinite wisdom or protection. Therefore, humanity is going to have wisdom as long as it’s existence.
For the Satanist, the symbol has a few changes. The pentagram is drawn upside down; the five little trianglessymbolize exactly the same thing as mentioned before. The top triangle that is now positioned on the bottom of the figure is still standing for spirit but the other four elements are on top of it and since we can find water, wind, fire and earth on our daily lives it means that there is no purpose of following any sort of religion because it is more important to please the body instead of the spirit. Thisleads us to another important aspect of the upside down pentagram, the rejection of the Holy Trinity represented by the 3 triangles of the bottom part of the figure. Whereas the two top ones represent the real truth of life, the contrasts. This means that for something that is constructed something else has to be destructed.
Also the pentagram symbolizes the head of a male goat, where the toptwo triangles represent the horns, the side spikes the ears, and the bottom one the beard. For centuries horned animals have been a symbol of evil in the Christian church. In addition, for some other cultures these kinds of animals symbolize pleasure, sex, and life.
In the Asian culture the pentagram is taken as a symbol of sex in an unperverted way; where the triangle made by the two upper littletriangles and the pentagon symbolizes the feminine sex and the rest including the pentagon again symbolizes the masculine sex. For the Japanese, men and women complement each other. In order for the universe to be in balance and working, it is required that men and women are also in equilibrium.
The relationship between these two different points of view is not appreciated at first. Sexualityhas something to do with both opinions. For example, the Japanese culture says that the star represents the female and male during copulation where these two human beings connect with each other and form a whole. So in order for the universe to be in balance it is needed for these two to relate even though they are different. Whereas in the Satanism when the pentagram is taken as a horned animal itstands for sexual pleasure and also when the two top triangles represent the contrasts of the real truth. In certain ways men differ from women in many things like physically, intellectually, or sentimentally. Therefore, they are a contrast but they still need each other in order to keep the human race surviving, in order to keep this world in equilibrium or maintain the real truth.
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