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Mrs. Peters and Martha Hale in "A Jury of Her Peers" by Susan Glaspell are initially quite different. Mrs. Peters is "married to the law" (36) while Martha Hale is a farmer's wife. At first theycommunicate only as required, but soon they are forced into a setting which requires them to cooperate. In fact, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are united by their cause for Mrs. Wright. The two are unitedin rejecting their inferior social status, in their strength as they respond to what they discover, and in their resolve to protect Mrs. Wright.
Those women are united by the rejecting in theirinferior social status. In this epoch men has domain over women. The characters employ in dialogue clearly convey a belief in male superiority, a sense of women inferiority and ignorance. Martha Halealways defends her point of view and raises her voice: “I do not see as it is anything to laugh about” (29) she replied when men try to make fun about their logic.
In instance, Mrs. Peter needshelp from Martha in order to encourage herself and be strong against this social rejecting; "The sheriff came running in to say his wife wished Mrs. Hale would come too"(18); she is probably scared ofbeing the only woman at the group. The authors describe Mrs. Peters as a "small and thin and didn't have a strong voice"(18); her appearance back up somehow her personality.
Both woman act equal asthey respond to what they discover. The women came up with evidences almost accidental. They are not there to find clues but just to pack some of the Minnie's personal things. Men leave women at thekitchen and go to find evidence of the crime upstairs. Men do not value women’s labor”Nothing here but kitchen things” (23) says Mr. Peters when he get into the kitchen looking for evidences. But men donot realize that women's female sense is over the men logic.
Mrs. Hale notices the situation before Mrs. Peters. She believes in Minnie's innocence since when she asks Mrs. Peters about what...
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