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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Mayra Dominguez
Zaroff and Montresor comparisons
Have you ever though about being murder? Zaroff, the main character from “The Most Dangerous Game,” andMontresor, a main character from “The Cask Of Amontillado,” have many interesting similarities and differences. Zaroff tries to kill his victim by hunting him down with out using vengeance. Montresor killshis victim out of spite for revenge by means or torture.
Montresor- the differences between him and zaroff are the facts that Montresor is smart in how he goes in killing his guy. Montresor useshis victim to his advantage. The guy Montresor wants to murder is already drunk and mousses his time to strike so he tells him a lie to get him to come with him to his own death. Then all the way toFortunatos death Montresor keeps giving him liquor to impair his judgment and keeps on telling him that he will get luchresi to do it for him instead of fortunado which fortunado doesn’t like luchresiand thinks “luchresi cannot tell amontillado from sherry.” Then we got to an end and Montresor kills Fortunado by baring him alive. Montresor looks Fortunado in chains and such inside a smallindenture in the wall and begins to build a brick wall in front of him and before he puts the last brick in Montresor puts his torch in to the hole and then puts the last brick in.
Zaroff thedifferences between him and Montresor are that Zaroff is like a gentlemen in the beginning when Rainsford first got stranded on the island. Zaroff took care of Rainsford for a while but soon after words Zarofftold Rainsford that he would be hunting him down as a part of a game to Zaroff cause Rainsford was a world-class hunter. That way Zaroff would get great pleasure in taking down another hunter inwitch has the same or better skills as his own. Zaroff lets Rainsford get a head start so rainsford could get a good place to hide and what not. Zaroff gives rainsford some advice “I suggest, too, that...
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