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In a person´s life there are many activities that are called “common activities” Activities which you most performed once in your life. One of these activities is do sports. There is an immensevariety of sports to choose. But what happens when a person doesn’t know what sport to play? Football Soccer and Tennis, two of the most popular and legendary sports, have several things in common as theplace where they are played and the body condition needed. But also share differences as the weather conditions which can be played and the material needed.

Football soccer and tennis share somethings in common. Both sports need a court to be played inside. In football, is a must to have the two soccer goal. In tennis you also need a special court with the lines that mark the territory.Another big similitude is the body condition needed to play sport. To play Football a person needs to have a good respiration, good condition, to be able to play the 90 minutes. In tennis is the same, theplayer needs a great condition and force in all the body because it uses the hands and feet.
The differences mainly consist on the weather conditions which these sports can be played.Football can be played during all seasons, it doesn’t matter if is raining or its too hot. This sport is played no matter what; expect if the court is in bad condition. In contrast to tennis, that can’tbe played if it rains. The thing here is that the grass or the floor becomes very slippery so it’s really dangerous for the athletes. If the weather is too hot the athletes must rest between eachchange of place to breathe some air and hydrate. So the weather on this sport can be a problem in contrast to other sports. The materials needed to play this sport are different too. In football is used aball, special tennis, shin pad to protect the legs, and other elements that make safer to practice this sport. On the other hand tennis only uses tenis a racket and a ball.
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