Comparison british and spanish press

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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2011
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The national press in Britain and Spain. A comparison

In this paper there will be compared two newspapers: a British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, and a Spanishone, El Mundo,–both of them dailies and with a tendency to the right, politically speaking–. The aim of this paper is to find resemblances and differences between these two newspapers. Throughout thisassignment different articles and contents of both newspapers are going to be contrasted and analysed in order to find evidences of their political inclination, and their seriousness. Newspapers havegot different sections, which will be useful to quote when comparing. Eventhough the content is very important, there are many other features that are important to take into account, too. To beginwith, there will be treated the physical characteristics of both newspapers; then, there will be done a brief summary of the contents; and, finally, there will be shown some evidences of the politicorientations.
Firstly, there are some general characteristics that should be noticed. On the front page the number of publication, the date and the cost of the newspaper are found. Comparing The DailyTelegraph with El Mundo it can be seen that the former is more expensive and older than the latter. The first one has got a price of €3,20 and the second one of €1,20; with this comparison theconclusion could be that reading the British printed press is more expensive than reading the Spanish one. And, seeing that The Daily Telegraph’s number of publication is 48.184, and El Mundo’s 7.439, it isevident that the British newspaper has got a longer history. Talking about format, The Daily Telegraph is twice as large as any Spanish newspaper –in this case, as El Mundo–; the size of the letter issmaller in the British newspaper than in the Spanish one; and, articles in The daily Telegraph usually have more columns than in El Mundo. Another characteristic of format that might be interesting...
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