Comparisson between hidalgo and washington

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  • Publicado : 24 de octubre de 2010
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Brianda E. Martinez Gonzalez
Professor Stephen Abbott
Comparative History
Friday, September 8, 2010

Washington's war for independence was one of ideology, whereas Hidalgo's was replete withopportunist.

We all should hold to what we believe. However, even if we have a very strength ideal, we are used to follow –most of the times- someone that more or less thinks the same way we do. Thereare brilliant leaders. People follow them because of his or her ideologies, or sometimes they do so to follow the flow. Every nation has a brilliant leader: In the United States, Washington; InMexico, Hidalgo; and Simon Bolivar in Latin America. They all have been recognized as heroes in their respective countries, nevertheless the interests the three had were very different. Were they fightingfor their nationalism? Or.. Were they fighting with a lack of patriotic compromise, looking for their own good?

I. Mexican Heroes
More than four centuries ago, Spanish men came to America withthe purpose of civilizing Indians. They changed their habits, their religion, and their culture. Indians were forced to obey Spanish conquerors, and work for them while they made a new rich Spainfilling it with Mexican resources, products and gold.
They saw it was a good business, so several Spanish families came looking for a new way of living: An interested and selfish way of living. …Theylived that way during almost 300 years.
At the top of the hierarchy were the Spaniards, followed by the Creoles.1 Then came the Mestizos, children born from the union of Spaniards and the natives. Atthe end of the hierarchy were the native Indians and the Afro-Americans. The high ranking posts were given only to the Spaniards, while the Creoles and the Mestizos were not considered fit for postsat the top level. This caused an unrest among the latter, especially the Creoles, and triggered the need for independence.

1. Creoles: people born to Spaniards in Mexico. They used to have...
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