Comparisson between two epics

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When talking about “epics” it´s referred to extended narrative poems in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary ortraditional hero. While similar to each other in some ways, there are significant differences that make each story unique to its region, era, and inhabitants.
Gilgamesh is a tale centering on theSumerian king-Gilgamesh. While these examples illustrate numerous common themes and characteristics shared between Gilgamesh and The Ramayana; they also contain contrasting elements that illustratedifferences in the poems and differences in the culture of their originating societies; making a focus on these two heroes of our epics, what similarities and differences can we find between them? Do you knowhow the relationships (friendship, love, familiar, etc) were in ancient times? You know about heroes, and supernatural powers and all that stuff right? But do you think all those super heroesactually do have at least some human aspects? I think yes.
Similar to the way Indian family and civilization are based on the sacred duty exemplified so well by Rama, “the epic of Gilgamesh” is the oldestquest story ever recorded. Another significant similarity that the epic of Gilgamesh shares with The Ramayana is that both stories have had and continue to have special significance and are symbols ofinspiration to many. The Ramayana is the great story of Indian civilization. While sharing many common themes and various similar characteristics, Gilgamesh and The Ramayana, also have strikingdifferences and contrasting elements. The significant difference being that Rama differs from other characters because He transcends nature; since the beginning till the end he was a noble man. It is notedin the introduction to Gilgamesh, that Gilgamesh-the hero himself-is credited as and appears to have been the person who wrote his adventures down and then buried them in the walls of his city, Uruk....
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