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Competitive Benchmarking
Benchmarking is used to compare the organization’s processes or products to other
organizations, either internal or external to their own industry. This comparison can beon specific
product features, or can be on broad customer service categories, such as product delivery,
product warranty, etc.
The concept of benchmarking is important to achieving IPD. Benchmarkingcan be used in
support of IPD to improve the design process. During the initial design phase, a technique such as
QFD can be used to identify those issues that should be considered the mostimportant to the
customer. By focusing on these issues, the design team can use benchmarking to identify other
organizations that are considered the best at each area. For example, if expediting productdelivery is considered a strong customer demand, organizations considered as “world class” in
that area should be used as the benchmark. By studying and adopting the “best practices” of
industry,product and process can be designed to deliver total customer satisfaction.
Competitive Benchmarking
The search for industry best practices
that will lead to superior
Robert C. CampBenchmarking Process Steps
• Identify what is to be benchmarked.
• Identify competitive companies.
• Determine data collection method and collect data.
• Determine current performance levels.
•Project future performance levels.
• Communicate benchmark findings and gain acceptance.
• Establish functional goals.
• Develop action plans.
• Implement specific actions and monitor progress.
•Recalibrate benchmarks.
Benchmarking consists of five basic phases: the planning phase, analysis phase, integration, action,
and maturity. The planning phase is concerned with laying the foundationfor the benchmarking
effort. This phase begins with the identification of the aspects of the organization that are to be
benchmarked. After identifying what to benchmark, we must identify those...
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